Our vision is to offer a unique and generous range of beautifully curated giftedness giving moments of bliss and wellness.

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Your precious family partner, besties, lovelies and lovers will delight in lighting the nectar scented incense of a fragrant candle. Or clear negative energy with a lit smudge sticK then slip into a herbal bath, sip some soothing tea and...

relax relax relax.
it's time to unwind.

pay it forward
giving back

We feature both emerging and established natural products of the highest quality from local and small Australian businesses.

The range is carefully curated with meaning and mindfulness at the core.

life is giving


well, well...

glory to the pinkness

enchanting and conscientiously
sourced exquisiteness.

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well, well...

oh man

loving this

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best seller!

well, well...

going all mindful

Focus on the present.
Be curious.
Practice self-care.
Giving is life.

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well, well...

shining gorgeously

inflame the senses, 
with these 
splendiferous products 
to comfort and soothe 
all the glorious lovelies 
you Know.

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well, well...

you are so delightful

together with delights,
comfort, connection
and the fragrant air.

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well, well...

beauteous boho blues

the ultimate
contemplation of this
unique and artful gift.

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well, well...

All the products
rest neatly on a bed of relaxing
teas and dried flowers.

Box dimensions: L33 X W23.5 X D9.5 CM

it’s so beautiful watching a tea blossom unfurl into a flower

Blossoming Tea artfully hand-made from BlacK Green or White tea creates a visual feast and taste sensation.

Each flowering tea ball serves at least 6-10 cups making it perfect for shared moments..

The ultra-cool presentation of these wellness gift boxes is handcrafted with mindfulness at the core using beautiful eco-friendly gift packaging.

These wonderful heartwarming creations of specially selected products aim to delight with fabulousness in the largest abundance.

so here we are

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