Scented Crystals & Potpourri

In addition to our collection, we curate dream-like 
gifting using unique vintage vessels filled with pot 
pourri, scented crystals, just a touch of essential oils 
and an abundance of charm. 

No two boxes are the same, so there will be continual 
renewal. This is what it means to be human.

Dried elderflowers, bay leaves, marigold, rosebuds, rose petals, French tarragon and lemon verbena.

in this range contain herbs grown and
 dried at Orchard House, The Buddha Bar
 Retreat Centre. And we always add an extra
 packet of herbs and flowers to the smaller

All our boxes go vintage, come with
 imperfections like us boys and girls and
 whatever. Everyone has a story to tell and if
 you have no way to find the story then its
 time to tell your own particular narrative or
 simply make something up, a fantasy a
 memoir, a whole brilliant novella.
 Let it be magic.

The tiniest but sweetest in the collection, this indigenous hand-painted darling.

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Gorgeous embossed silver-plated vintage jewellery box filled with scented herbaciousness and floral delights and crystal boho clarity for there is nothing compared to the intensity of discovering great possibilities, you see silver knows best and every story has a sliver lining.


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Littlest lacquerware as round as a pie

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We are crazy about lacquerware and there are a few pieces in the collection and we thought you might like to know the incredible way it is made.

For the surface preparation of lacquer ornamentation, the object is first sealed with a layer of lacquer and then left to dry for three to five days.

Once hardened, the object is smoothed and polished with sandpaper or an L-shaped knife on a hand-operated traditional lathe.

A second coating of lacquer mixed with finely sifted sawdust or powdered bone C tha-yo ) is applied.

After drying, the third coating of lacquer mixed with fine clay for a smooth lacquer surface.

Then the object is coated with 12-20 layers of best-quality pure lacquer. Each layer takes three to five days to dry.

The final process, the object is dry polished with ground fossil wood powder to become glossy.

The decorative process begins with adding colours and etching a freehand outline design into the smooth surface. Then more detail etching is added. No stencils or patterns are used.

Genuine lacquerware has a texture of slightly raised surfaces indicating the etching.

Monks with topknots, sea shells, a kind of bannister and several unhealthy trees are carved into this wooden box our largest, possibly teak or cedar and so very rustic and homey.

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Another teensy one-off. yet stunning within the shine of brass and the milky mother-of-pearl inlay in the shape of the sun or a daisy it's a beauty.

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A tin with a title or a coat-of-arms exploding out of a circus tent and a few flying fish, some rather strange butterflies and Spanish dancers wearing sashes fling up their arms and speaking of arms there are a lot lying about. What in the hell does this mean? Still this mysterious tin is a fabulous receptacle, so go write yourself some poetry in search of the meaning.

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This strange little wooden hexagon box. Other hexagon shaped objects are honeycomb, footballs, the face of pencil and floor tiles.
Yes there are questions.
A football? And does a pencil really have a face? The three figures painted on the lid could be having a picnic but where is the food and wine?

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A rose is a rose is a rose...
A rose is a flower of love. Acclaimed by the world for centuries. Pink roses mean love and hope But the red roses, ah the red roses are for love triumphant!

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Sumptuous hand painted wooden box. A semi-abstract image inspired by indigenous designs. There is no way of knowing who painted this surface but we love the tropical richness and even if its slightly worn the box owns it's remarkable magnificence and resilience. Love it!

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so here we are

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